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myJobCard helps you capture and manage labour and expense information for multiple jobs and customers.
It is constructed along the same ideas that have been used for paper "job cards" for centuries.

* myJobCard runs entirely on your smartphone - nothing else needed.
* It tracks expenses and labour separately for each job. You can enter quantity and amount for each expense item, and myJobCard does the arithmetic.
* You can define standard expenses (like toll road charges) and standard labour rates.
* You can set up multiple timers, for each job, to simplify capturing labour information.
* You can have multiple jobs for each client, and multiple clients.
* myJobCard links to your phone's Contacts for each client.
* It's easy to share information with other programs - you just email yourself the job details (1 job or all jobs for a client).
* As a safeguard, you must "end" a job before it can be deleted, and you cannot delete a client that still has open jobs.
* myJobCard is easy and intuitive to use.

* Here are a few screenshots:

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You can purchase myJobCard for a nominal cost from the AppStore