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ForgetMeNot is designed to be the BEST reminder and checklist app available.  Some others might be fun to use, but they are light on features.  This app has everything you need, and it helps you keep track of all your reminders and checklists, providing time based or location based alerts.


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ForgetMeNot manages all your reminders.

  •    Each reminder can be a single item or a checklist of items.

  •   You can optionally set a date/time for an alert to be raised.

  •   You can optionally set a location and be advised when leaving or arriving at that location.

  •   Combining date/time and location means you will be advised when leaving or arriving after the set date/time.

You can optionally allocate each reminder to a category.

  •   Categories can be colour coded to make it easier to work with your list of reminders.

  •   You can set a default alarm sound for each category.  Sounds can be changed for each reminder.

  •   You can also specify “Link to Calendar” for each category.  This means any reminders with date/time will also appear in your default calendar app.  From there, you can follow the URL to get back to ForgetMeNot.

  •   Use the "Check" button when departing to see if there is anything outstanding at your current location.



Tips for getting the most out of ForgetMeNot:

You can purchase ForgetMeNot for a nominal cost at iTunes