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*      BoatSpeed

BoatSpeed provides a simple display of speed and heading.


*  It also shows lattitude, longitude, max speed and current time.

*  Every effort has been made to optimise speed reporting at low speeds (<10 knots), when there can be many seconds between changes in reported location from the inbuilt GPS.

*  Background colour can be toggled between daytime (black on yellow) and night time (black on red).  Tap on “Day or Night” to change it.

*  Background colour is initially set based on current time and last known location.

*  Tap on the “Units” to rotate through KN, MPH and KPH.

*  Max speed is displayed in current units.  Tap on the max speed to reset it to zero.

*  Boatspeed requires IOS 5 and a minimum iPhone 3GS.


You can get BoatSpeed for a nominal charge at iTunes